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“The bravest are surely those who have the clearest vision of what is before them,

Glory and danger alike,

And yet notwithstanding,

go out and meet it.”

Thucydides Leslie Casbar

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Executive Director

As founder of Policeology; Tom has traveled nationally and internationally training fellow officers in areas such as leadership, drug enforcement supervision, juvenile justice, school safety and critical incident preparedness. Policeology LLC is a multilingual and multicultural provider of world-class police training. we specialize in law enforcement and security consulting and training. Our goal is to provide innovative, professional, and quality solutions for law enforcement and security needs.

Chief Tom Sanchez brings 30 years of combined local, state and federal law enforcement experience to this position.  He has held a command level rank since 2002. His responsibilities have included directing and controlling such major segments of the Police Department as Patrol, Special Operations, Criminal Investigations, HIDTA Task Forces, Code Enforcement and Professional Standards of the department. Tom has supervised high risk units such as, SWAT, Hostage Negotiators, K-9, Field Force, Narcotics and Street Crimes. As the Executive Director of the Police Athletic League, he has initiated, directed and organized “Heroes in Action” a fundraising event held at the Hard Rock Live consisting of Police vs. Fire boxing.

Having authored over $17.2 million in a variety of grants, Tom serves as a Federal Grant Reviewer for law enforcement related grants. As a subject matter expert on school safety for the National Institute of Justice. since 2002  he has worked on various projects. Most notable projects include:

  1. 1. In March 2013 he participated in an NIJ law enforcement think tank regarding the then recent Sandy Hook School Shooting.

  2. In 2010, he presented on the topic of Active Shooter Crisis Plans at the Technology Critical Incident Conference hosted by U.S. Department of Defense in Philadelphia, Pa.,

  3. From 2007- 2009 Tom assisted in providing input to National Institute of Justice Active software provider to create; Active Shooter Training for the Responding Officer “ASTRO” a windows-based simulation tool that allows a law enforcement officer to be immersed in active shooter scenarios. The law enforcement officer must make decisions and act on those decisions to bring an end to the threat.

  4. From 2003- 2007 he participated in the creation of “Incident Commander”, released by the Department of Justice in 2007, is a ground-breaking training tool that employs PC game technology to allow first responders to train anytime, anywhere to coordinate a multi-agency response to a natural or manmade disaster.

The Crisis Plans he has implemented have been instituted by over 45 schools, daycares, and government buildings along with Special Events. The plans assisted in Dignitary protection of visiting Presidents in the past 10 years. Tom has done consulting on Crisis Plans for The National Institute of Justice, Eastern Kentucky University, Clark County Schools in Nevada and Miami-Dade Schools in Florida. Tom has conceptualized, organized and conducted some of the largest full scale School Active Shooter exercises in the country with over 200 role players.


In 2004, Tom was appointed by the South Florida HIDTA Director to manage and oversee the Broward County High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) offsite which comprises of over 300 law enforcement personnel from various agencies. He systematically cultivated and maintained long-term collaborative relationships with key law enforcement agencies. Tom expanded the South Broward Drug Unit by recruiting a number of law enforcement agencies while providing leadership to a Task Force with 74 members from 10 different agencies (federal, state, local).


Most recently, Tom authored Exemplary Police Leadership Manual. This manual includes the top 10 Dimensions of exemplary police leaders. Tom has been using these leadership dimensions to tutor promotional candidates of all ranks for over 15 years. He is currently conducting workshops worldwide to train Police Leaders.

In addition to his police. Tom has worked as a State of Florida Correctional Officer, a Federal Correctional Officer and proudly served in the U.S. Army. He has taught Criminal Justice as a college professor and has published numerous articles in both national and international policing periodicals. He has been quoted in “Proactive Police Management” by Thibault.

In 2013, Tom was one of only two Americans selected to participate in an international police work experience program in the UK.

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