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Classes can be customized to fit your agencies needs and time frame. Please contact us for pricing and to schedule training.


Contracting allows an individual agency to tailor a seminar to their specific needs and to have it presented at their location. Contracting saves the agency on full registration cost  travel and per diem costs.

Hosting benefits agency by receiving tuition free seats for  training. This greatly reduces costs associated with travel and lodging of individual officers. Host agencies will provide the classroom with necessary equipment and will assist in the seminar advertising.



With NYPD Commissioner

J. O'Niell


The police are the only members of the public

who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are

incumbent on every citizen in the interest of the community welfare.

Robert Peel


Exemplary Police LeadershipCuracao 2011

This workshop will afford the participants with the ability to examine our top 10 Dimensions of exemplary police leaders, how to implement culture change, accountability, role of ethical police leaders, craft a Strategic Plan and our innovative Police Leader Transition Guide. These leadership dimensions have inspired police leaders of all ranks for over 10 years. This is a fast paced leadership seminar, designed for a fast paced world which covers modern leadership practices.


Good management motivates employees to be more productive and provides the incentive to be a career employee. This workshop is designed for the established as well as the new criminal justice leader.


see flyer for additional details at;    Exemplary Police Leadership flyer

Supervising Task Forces & Anti-Crime Teams UnitsUK Experience

This course discusses the need for strong supervision in units with high risk related to violent crime and/ or drugs. The international arena dealing with organized crime and drug cartels makes these units high liability for corruption and dangerous for the unmotivated employee.


Areas discuss will include: informant management, a Field Training Officer Program specific for high risk units, tactical operation supervision and nuisance abatement/ forfeiture. Also financial and informant records accountability are some of the areas that will be covered.


Critical Incident Exercises
A full-scale exercise is intended to evaluate the operational capability of emergency management systems in an interactive manner over a substantial period of time. It involves the testing of a major portion of the basic elements existing within emergency operations plans and organizations in a stress environment. This type of exercise involves the mobilization of personnel and resources and the actual movement of emergency workers, equipment, and resources required to demonstrate coordination and response capability.


We have conceptualized, organized and conducted some of the largest full scale School Active Shooter exercises in the country. Up to 200 role players have been used in some of the exercises, adding realistic chaos and control challenges.         


Las Vegas, Nevada  Functional  Exercise

Juvenile Delinquency Prevention & Intervention Programs

During this one day training students will be exposed to over 100 different prevention and intervention programs. We guaranteed each person will take something away.villemobile
Law enforcement, social services agencies, community-based organizations, and schools all can play a role in keeping juveniles from entering the juvenile justice systems. Prevention and intervention programs can address risk factors for troubled youths or provide services that give young people choices other than criminal activity. The demand for effective approaches to prevent juvenile crime is growing across the Nation.

Each jurisdiction faces unique challenges regarding their youth. Special Programs are successful if an appropriate marriage occurs between the needs and wants of the community and the program selected.

 with IPA France President  Verdun 

in their  headquarters  in Villemombile, France

Police Grant Training
As a Federal Grant Reviewer since 2002, Mr. Sanchez has vast experience with grants. Specializing in Law Enforcement grants. Our teams of experts have worked in areas of grant writing and posses’ years of experience acquiring millions of dollars and resources in grant funds. We offer one day seminars that cover the following funding sources:
1. Federal Grants
2. State Grants
3. Local Grants
4. Private Corporation
5. Service Clubs
6. Others


Critical Incident Plans

Our Company conducts site and risk assessments while also creating crisis plans for various infrastructure targets. The Crisis Plans we have created have been instituted by over 50 public schools. The plans have been used by the Secret Services for Dignitary protection. Mr. Sanchez has done consulting on Crisis Plans for The National Institute of Justice, Eastern Kentucky University, Clark County School Police District (Las Vegas) in Nevada and Miami-Dade School Police Department in Florida. Locations using these plans include;                                                      

·        Complex Architecture

·        Convention Centers, Sports Complex

·        Courthouses

·        Day Cares

·        Government Buildings

·        Hospitals

·        Hotels

·        Large Office Buildings

·        Malls

·        Schools

·        Water plants

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